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Maybe this happens to all developers, but I am terrible estimating the effort to implement a feature. Sometimes is less but even more times is more.

Today was a day that I underestimate a feature. The feature sound really simple, at least in the bug tracking tool: there’s a save that it is not working correctly, a field is not getting saved, so fixed.

So I went to the code and first, I had to diagnose why the app is not saving that specific field, then you have to right the code that fix that, code that has to shepherd the data from the GUI (where I had to fix WPF bindings), to a web service client, to the web service, to the database. Those are 4 layers in which you could miss something and then you have to diagnose again.

And then you have to do unit testing. And integration testing.

Man, a simple task like this can expand during the whole day: you need to pay attention to the details and even then, you could have miss something, and back to square one.

At the end, you do all that and test as much as you can, and if you are a little lucky (or if you have developed something to keep track of the details of a feature [I’m trying to figure out mine]) then you are done and everything is alright again.


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