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Monthly Archives: May 2011

I couple of weeks ago I cleaned up my system, re-partitioned it and reinstalled all the tool I need to develop the software that I love. This time, I decided to test xubuntu: a community-driven distribution based on, as you might imagine, Ubuntu, but with the XFCE as default desktop.

I have to say that I loved everything from the very beginning, the only thing that I had a hard time setting up was the support for dual screens. I mean, I am not a guru but also, I am not a total n00b, so this was getting frustrating.

So, after search for a few days and reading about using the ATI or Nvidea tools (my laptop has Intel integrated Video Card) or using Xinerama but I found that complicated and, as I have used ubuntu before, I thought that there should be a better way; and there are one: grandr.

Grandr is just the GUI for randr, a tool to allow clients to dynamically change X screens, so as to resize, rotate and reflect the root window of a screen. If you are having problem setting your extra screen with your laptop in xubuntu, just go a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install grandr

Then go to the main menu, then System and under it, you will find the “Multiple Monitors” option. Awesome.